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Duration : min 2 hours
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Attractive waitress/ barmaid

Do you have a private party in Prague and do you want to have a perfectly charming staff? We have a large database of beautiful professional glowing waitresses and bartenders who light up every party.

Activity description:

You can choose what kind of stuff you need for your event. We have a professional attractive waitress and barmaid with their own costumes who can prepare the best cocktails.

Price per hour: 35 EUR per 1 waitress ( min 2 hours and 2 girls)

More than 4 hours: 29 EUR per 1 waitress/ 1 hour

Waitress in bikini: 40 EUR per 1 waitress /1 hour ( min 2 hours and 2 girls)

More than 4 hours: 37 EUR per 1 waitress/ 1 hour


  • Attractive party staff
  • charming waitress, waiter, bartender
  • own business/party dress
  • perfect table service
  • cocktail preparation
  • welcome drinks
  • professional approach
  • preparation of snacks
  • bikini costumes

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